Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spending a Day with My Self!

Everyday... Our lives seems to be so busy! Minsan we tend to forget about ourselves and always think about the others... Not Bad! If you will think about it, hindi naman masamang mag-isip ng para sa iba...

However, it's also healthy to think about ourselves! Before you can love anyone or anybody else, we should learn how to appreciate ang sarili natin... Hindi naman masamang minsan sa isang linggo we give ourselves a break out of our hectic and tiring work activities! Kaya eto, I just wanna share with you what happened today...

First Stop!

- Trinoma Medical City (Physical Therapy Rehabilitation)
as you can see... may mga cables na nakakabit sa mga tuhod ko... That's the machine to stimulate the nerves and cells to make sure that blood flows smoothly sa area na sumasakit... by the way, I'm under treatment for my Quadriceps Tendinitis and Plasma fasis. A condition wherein the tendons are overused and if not treated will build up scar muscles and might lead to surgery causing the patient to use crutches! Grrrr... katakot! This is my 7th theraphy session going to 12...Thanks to my therapist "Mhei" of Medical City for taking care of me and to Dr. Ferdinand Decena for making sure that this will be cured. This has been a big problem for me lalo na pag nasa work ako... Remember if you're a Team Leader you always have to look after your agents and sad to say this condition hinders me to perform well... God will always make his way for me...

Second Stop!

- Trinoma Starbucks!
Time to relax after a soothing therapy session with Mocca Frap of Starbucks! Whew! It's nice to note na minsan talagang kape na lang ang sandalan ko pag may problema. This makes me feel na parang bestfriend ko sya. Kahit walang kausap I can feel na may karamay ako sa bitterness ng life! Though I have a lot of expenses to think of, I know for sure na kaya ko yun at hindi sagabal ang pagtreat sa sarili ng starbucks at least once a week! hahaha!!!

Third Stop!

- Pet Shop! (for my Aquarium)
There you go! Ang cute cute na ng aquarium ko with my kois and shark fish... I consider them as my babies so I bought them a new side filter para lagi silang clean and a splitter to make sure that the gravel filter and the side filter will have equal amount of oxygen pump para lalong mas enjoy ang mga fish ko sa paglangoy! My white koi is getting bigger nah! Can't wait to see all of them grow and stay with me....

It's refreshing to enjoy at least one day in a week all by myself! wahahaha!!! Loner yet happy!!

WHAT A DAY!!! OOOPS!!! Time to take my rest! :-) Still have a shift tonight at 11pm-8am. I hope something new and exciting will happen!

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